A Proven Formula for High Potency Digital Marketing Campaigns

Data driven marketing isn't just for enterprise-sized companies. We work hard to make your data and your marketing fuel your business at any size.

Absolutely Social was key in helping us hit a six-figure launch.
Lisa Engles
Lisa Engles
Center for Integral Wisdom


Captured from your business & marketing Data inform your customized digital strategy.


Results-focused paid media campaigns and funnel strategies designed and implemented.


Data and insights used to optimize campaigns daily at the audience, page and point-of-sale.

Personal Attention

We’re not just about the numbers.  Yes, numbers are important. But we get the best results – and have the most fun – when we partner with our clients. We want to get to know you and your business. Only then can we shine the biggest and best spotlight on it through our digital marketing efforts.

We also want to have honest conversations about what’s not working. Opening new doors and cultivating new customer streams is a learning process and being transparent and quick to assess and pivot is the path to scaleable growth.


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How We Can Help You

Every project is different but we have solutions for each of them

Customized Data Dashboard

Customized Data Dashboard

Your sales, advertising, email & social media data are siloed - sitting in different tools and certainly not helping you make decisions. There are 5-figure enterprise solutions for this, but your business isn't at this stage yet. This is where a custom data analytics dashboard is your answer. Talk to us about analyzing the key metrics in your business and bringing this all together into a CEO dashboard that lets you see what's working and optimize what's not working.

Facebook Advertising

Work with us to create, optimize and scale your Facebook advertising campaigns. We specialize in marketing online coaches, courses and lead generation for property developments.

AdWords and Display Advertising

Use Facebook and Adwords together to create powerful custom retargeting campaigns, reaching your customers at the right time with the right message. Or work with us to create or upgrade your online paid search campaigns to get your business noticed and bring in a steady source of leads and new customers.



All organic and paid content campaigns rely on landing page and sales funnels that convert. And efficient businesses rely on marketing automation create personalized nurturing and sales campaigns without taxing their team. We are experts at creating content that converts and can work with a full suite of digital marketing tools and databases.

Meet the team

Ana Micka

Founder/ Director of Strategy

Ana Micka is a digital marketing specialist focusing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram ads and other Social and PPC platforms. Her strength is direct response marketing for B2B and B2C clients. For over 25 years, she has helped businesses large and small generate leads and sales, build brand authority, reach new audiences and scale their businesses through strategic social media campaigns. In short, her business is building your business.

Mason Betsch

Co-Founder/ Director

Mason Betsch is a highly experienced advertising strategist and media buyer with a proven track record of producing highly profitable digital advertising strategies and campaigns across all stages of the sales funnel. He has over seven years of experience working in the real estate and financial niches along with lead generation campaigns for a wide-range of educational and service industries.

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